Program Highlights

Online Sessions by R&D Expert

Insight into end-to-end Project Lifecycle

Exposure to industry standards and processes

100+ hours of Practical and Application Oriented Learning

Need based Live Interactions with Course Facilitators

Course Completion Certificate on Successful Completion
C-DAC Certified Professional on Successful Evaluation


Certificate   C-DAC Course Completion Certificate
Certificate   C-DAC Certificate Professional

Process Flow

1 Join us:
Register for the interested course(s)
2 Essentials Module:
Before beginning the main course, prepare yourself with pre-requisites
3 Get Going:
Access the content resources and complete all the modules
4 Completion Certificate:
Complete the topic wise assignments and get your course completion certificate
5 Pick a slot:
Book a slot and undergo the assessment
6 C-DAC Certified Professional:
On successful completion of the assessment, become C-DAC Certified Professional

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the USP or benefits of enrolling in the courses?

C-DAC's industry skilling courses are designed, developed and mentored by R&D experts who have vast experience in implementing real-time projects. These courses deliver an insight into end-to-end project life cycle as per industry standards and processes.

2. Who is eligible for enrolling in the courses?

Anyone who has passion and interest towards hardware/ software development can enroll in the related courses. Candidates from Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology or from any equivalent discipline can enroll.

3. Do I need to read anything before I attend the course?

Yes. All enrolled users are expected to go through an essential module provided as part of the course.

4. What is the duration of the course?

It's a 2 months course. However, enrolled users can access course material anytime within 4 months from the course commencement date.

5. Is registering to the platform enough for accessing online courses?

No. User registration is a one time process. All registered users need to login and enroll to the course by paying the prescribed course fee. Only paid enrolled users will be allowed to access course material.

6. How do I enroll to the courses?

After successful registration, users can login and enroll to the course by paying the prescribed course fee.

Steps User Registration ->Course Enrollment by Paying Course Fee -> Access Course Material

7. Can user enroll to multiple courses?

Yes. However, you need to pay the course fee for all enrolled courses separately.

8. What are different modes of payment?

All payments are online and are enabled with multiple options. You can enroll in the courses by paying course fee using Credit Card/Debit Card/UPI/Internet Banking options.

9. How will the course will be delivered?

Enrolled users can access course material using C-DAC's e-learning platform. All recorded session videos will be available for reference.

10. Are the lessons LIVE or pre recorded?

All video lessons are pre-recorded and will be available 24x7 and can be watched as many times as you like. You can access course material any time during course duration (4 months) and complete the course at your own pace.

11. How can I access course material?

All courses are available online on C-DAC's e-learning platform and recommended to use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

12. Does this course cover practicals?

Yes. After theory sessions are over, practical lab exercises would be posted for enforcing the concepts learnt in the theory sessions.

13. Is there any programming involved?

Yes. MENTOR and BLEND courses have programming as part of the course.

14. Is there a fixed time frame for completing the course?

Yes. Though the course duration is 2 months, flexibility will be provided to enrolled users to complete the course at their own pace within 4 months from course commencement date.

15. Whether course completion certificates will be issued?

Yes. After undergoing industry skilling course and clearing course end exam, certification of completion will be given to all enrolled users.

16. What if I fail in course end exam?

Each enrolled user will be given two opportunities to clear course end exam.

17. Is there a refund of course fee in case if any enrolled user couldn't take up the course?

No. There is no refund policy.

18. Can someone else attend the course in my place?

No. Course completion certificate will be issued on enrolled user’s name only.

19. What are the tentative dates of course start (beginning date of trainings) & Deadline for application?

The courses are open for registration throughout the year. From the date of enrollment students have access to the course material for a period of 4 months

20. What is the difference between Individual and corporate user registration?

Corporate User: A company/institution which desires to train their employees using these courses is termed as corporate user
Individual User: Students/working professionals who would like to take these courses in their individual capacity

21. What is the difference between certificates?

1. All enrolled users (Paid course access fee) are eligible to receive Course Participation certificate on completion of course duration and is autogenerated by CHARIOT platform.
2. To receive the C-DAC Certified Professional Certificate, a learner has to opt for certification (By paying the certification fee of Rs 2000) besides the course access fee. A quantitative assessment (2 attempts per learner) of learner skills through an online examination will be taken up for certification process

22. How do we get technical query doubts resolved?

The following options are made available to post your doubts for experts to answer:
1. Write to respective course instructor email ids
  a. BLEND course:
  b. MENTOR course:
  c. HANDS-ON course:
2. Post the queries in discussion forum of the respective courses

23. Can we take a break in-between the course, if exams are there?

Yes. From the date of enrollment students have access to the course material for a period of 4 months

24. Is it possible to switch from one course to another after the course commencement?

Not possible

25. I have some other questions not listed as part of the FAQ. Whom should I contact?

All course related and user queries can be posted to